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Oregon Zoo Euthanizes Elderly Chimp 'Coco'

On the same day they announced the birth of a baby elephant, Oregon Zoo officials said they’d chosen to euthanize an elderly chimpanzee who had been in ill-health.



Oregon Zoo

“Coco” was around 60 years old and lived at the zoo for 50 years. She was believed to be the second oldest chimp in the U.S. zoo population and one of the Oregon Zoo’s oldest residents.

The median life expectancy for chimpanzees is just over 31 years for males and and just over 38 years for females, the zoo said in a news release.

Coco’s exact age is not known. She was donated by a pet owner in 1961.

Zoo officials said Coco had suffered a “debilitating health setback” and caretakers felt her quality of life had diminished to the point that “euthanizing her was the most humane option.”

Coco is survived by two of her daughters — Delilah, 39, and Leah, 38.

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