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Oregon Zoo's Baby River Otter Gets River Name

Oregon Zoo

Officials at the Oregon Zoo have named their baby river otter “Molalla” or “Mo” for short, for the Oregon River.

Molalla was born January 28. His mother “Tilly” is named for the Tillamook River. She was found orphaned near Johnson Creek in 2009, where she was malnourished and wounded.

Mo is the first river otter born at the Oregon Zoo. He was just four ounces at birth but now more than 2.5 pounds.

The pup’s father “B.C.” was found orphaned near Star City, Arkansas in 2009 and later transferred to Oregon where he and “Tilly” hit it off, zoo officials said.

Oregon Zoo

Zookeepers are working to “baby proof” the Cascade Stream and Pond section of the Zoo’s Great Northwest exhibit.

If all goes well, visitors should be able to see them in a few weeks. Mom “Tilly” and baby “Mo” are in a private maternity “den.”

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