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Oregonians Are Buying More New Trucks And Cars

Oregonians are joining the rest of the nation in a surge of buying new cars and trucks. The latest figures show Oregon out pacing the national rate by two percent.

The demand has all manufacturers either breaking even or increasing their sales over last year. Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors are reporting the largest gains in vehicle sales.

Greg Remensperger is with the Oregon Auto Dealers Association. He says the current financial and economic atmosphere is ideal for buyers.

It’s really a perfect storm for the consumer. You’ve got high values on your trade-in vehicle, you’ve got incentives from the manufacturer, and you’ve got low financing. It’s just a great time to be out looking.”

Remensperger says all signs are for vehicle sales to continue to grow and hold strong for the remainder of the year.

Trucks are beginning to sell more than other models, despite a recent trend to buy fuel-efficient cars.

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