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Oregonians Lead In Craft Beer Purchases

Oregonians continue to lead other states in craft beer purchases, the Oregon Brewers Guild announced Monday.

It may not come as a surprise that Oregonians like their craft beer. The Brewers Guild says that twenty percent of beer bought in Oregon was brewed in Oregon last year. Percentage wise, people spend more on microbrews in Oregon than any other state.

Brian Butenschoen is with the Oregon Brewers Guild. He says Oregon breweries are making their mark beyond the Northwest, too.

“Oregon’s craft breweries sold more than a million barrels of beer outside of Oregon,” says Butenschoen. “So we sold beer in all fifty states, seven provinces in Canada and thirty-two countries all around the world. I think it’s great for the economic success of Oregon’s breweries going forward.

According to the guild, there are a total of 220 breweries in the state.

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