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Oregon's Infrastructure Rated Slightly Better Than Nation's

The American Society of Civil Engineers scored the nation on its infrastructure Tuesday. It received a D-plus.
Oregon does a little better with a C-minus.

The president of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Greg DiLoreto, says grades have been improving as the feds and the states spend money on things like roads and bridges.

“So the C minus again is kind of a wake-up call to say, we’ve got an infrastructure. The investment we can make in that will affect our economy and will affect jobs. And the more we’re willing to invest in our infrastructure, the more our economy will grow, and of course the number of jobs will increase.”

A quick run-down of some of the study’s findings.

Each of Oregon’s dam safety employees oversees more than 450 state-regulated dams.

More than 5 percent of Oregon’s bridges are considered structurally deficient — 17 percent functionally obsolete.

The average driver here has to pay an extra $170 a year because of driving on roads in need of repair.

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