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Oregon's Newest State Park To Open Wednesday

Cottonwood Canyon State Park

Cottonwood Canyon State Park

Oregon State Parks

Oregon’s newest state park opens to the public Wednesday. It’s a large expanse along the lower John Day River in eastern Oregon.

State park officials say they bought the land in a series of four purchases for a total of nearly $8 million of Oregon lottery funds.

Parks’ spokesman Chris Havel described the new Cottonwood Canyon State Park on OPB’s Think Out Loud: “The John Day River cuts through this canyonland, you have these towering, big, bold cliffs — grasslands going right down to the riverbank, some tiny remnants of the historic hardwood forests in a couple of spots along the riverbank — so that landscape is all inside the state park.”

Cottonwood Canyon State Park will be Oregon’s second largest park, at 8,000 acres. Only Silver Falls is bigger, at 9,000 acres.

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