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OSU Delays Completion Of New Bend Campus By 1 Year

Oregon State University says it’s pushing back the scheduled completion date of a new four-year branch campus in Bend by one year. 

Administrators had long described the 2015 completion date as ambitious.  But ambitious became “unlikely” when hundreds of Bend residents mobilized last month in opposition to the school’s decision to build its campus on Bend’s Westside.

While OSU President Ed Ray has said publicly the school has no intention of abandoning its plans, the likelihood of an appeal has already prompted city officials to elevate the school’s site application process to a hearings officer.  

OSU Cascades Vice President Becky Johnson says that’s a lengthier process and could be made even longer by appeals, which she says appear to be likely.

“So those two things together, really put us in a position where we could not have facilities up and ready to go by the fall of 2015,” said Johnson.

Johnson says despite the delay, the school will still welcome its first freshman and sophomore classes in 2015.  She says the school is still working out a place for those students to live.

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