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OSU Inks Deal To Acquire Land For New Campus In Bend

Oregon State University has chosen a new site for its Cascades Campus in Central Oregon. The school has entered into agreements with landowners to purchase two adjacent properties just southwest of downtown Bend. 

One of the properties OSU hopes to aquire is currently being used as a pumice mine.

One of the properties OSU hopes to aquire is currently being used as a pumice mine.

David Nogueras/OPB

Taken together, the properties are roughly the size of 42 football fields.

OSU Cascades will need that room as it transitions into a full four-year campus. Right now, the school shares a campus with Central Oregon Community College.

Undergraduates can fulfill core-level requirements at COCC while pursuing a degree from OSU.

Currently there are about a thousand students.   But administrators project total enrollment could reach as high as 5000 by 2025. 

OSU Vice President Becky Johnson says the first full-year students will arrive in 2015. She says development of the land will happen in stages.

“The exciting part it does secure the long term future for the campus in a way that we won’t have to every couple years come back and say, ‘Where are we going to get more land?’,” said Johnson.

Both deals need to win the approval of the the State Board of Higher Education before they can close.  The total cost of the land is just under $13 million.

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