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OSU Opens Biomechanics Laboratory In Central Oregon

Oregon State University President Ed Ray is in Central Oregon Monday for the opening of a new state-of-the-art biomechanics laboratory. The facility will help researchers study human movement and improve strategies for treating injuries.

Courtesy OSU

To do that, researchers use pieces of reflective tape to mark key parts of the body.  As the subject stands on a platform capable of measuring a variety of forces, an array of high tech cameras look down from above.

Christine Pollard is an Associate Professor of Exercise and Sports Science and lab’s director.  She says researchers can create a 3D model of a subject in order to see how

“So running, landing, walking going up and down stairs.  And so then we can look at how are they moving and is the way that they’re moving putting them at risk of injury.  If they’ve had a surgery, are they moving in a healthy way or can we be doing something to improve their joint function.”

Pollard says the facility will be used for more than just research.  The lab will be run in partnership with a  local orthopedic surgery group and a physical therapy practice.

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