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OSU Researchers Roll Out New Tomato

Oregon State University has rolled out the “Indigo Rose.” It’s a dark purple tomato OSU grew using natural genetics, rather than lab engineering. OSU has been looking into dark tomatoes for years, in part because they tend to be high in antioxidants.

Jim Myers is a professor of vegetable breeding and genetics at OSU. He says there’s no proof that the indigo rose is better for you, based on its high concentration of antioxidants. But he says it is striking.

Myers explains, “It is really a different tomato. The color – and not only the fruit is dark purple, but the foliage will be much more purple. On top of that, it’s just a really nice-eating tomato.”

Myers says the tomato’s unusual look means growers should be careful not to pick it too early. He says it grows to the size of a golf ball, and will lose a little of its shine, when it’s ready to pick.

Myers says at least four seed companies are selling the Indigo Rose.

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