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PAC Raises More Than $65K Ahead Of Clark County Vote

A political action fund in support of a Clark County ballot measure has raised more than $65,000 – practically all of it in the last two months.

The measure would change the county’s legislative branch from three full-time commissioners to five part-time councilors.

Supporters say the aim is to clarify the separation of the legislative and executive branches of county government.

The PAC was formed last summer in support of the Clark County home rule charter on the November ballot.

Patty Reyes is treasurer for the PAC. She says the county has grown into one of the largest in Washington state. “With over 450,000 people in it –  (to) have only three people overseeing it is (a) pretty onerous task.”

Reyes says this is the biggest vote county residents have faced in recent years.

So far there’s been no PAC formed opposing the charter.

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