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Pace Of Economic Recovery Varies Across Oregon

Different regions of the state are recovering from the recession at different rates, according to the latest numbers out of the University of Oregon.

Tim Duy puts the U of O’s Region Economic Indecies together. He says the Portland area economy appears to be growing faster than the average rate seen during the last two recessions.

While the Eugene-Springfield area is growing at a pace closer to its average.  He says Central Oregon and the Bend area are growing a little below their averages, while growth in Salem and Southern Oregon is lagging. 

“So I think that the Portland area was much bigger with a more diverse economy, that was not as dependent upon in-migration and the housing bubble as what we saw in other parts of the state,” Duy says.

The latest county-by-county numbers show Harney County with the highest unemployment rate at 12.9 percent.

Among metro areas Bend leads at 10 percent, followed by Medford at 9.5 percent; Salem at 8.4 percent; Eugene/Springfield at 7.8 percent; Portland at 7.3 percent and Corvallis at 5.8 percent.

Oregon Unemployment Rates — Seasonally Adjusted

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