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Pacific Power Announces Major Solar Project

Pacific Power announced its first commercial-scale solar project in Oregon Thursday.

The two megawatt Black Cap solar project is scheduled to break ground on 21 acres near Lakeview in May. By October, Pacific Power expects 9,000 solar panels will start producing enough electricity to supply about 400 homes.

Company spokesman Tom Gauntt said the project is relatively small. The renewable power produced will be roughly equivalent to one commercial-scale wind turbine.

“Commercial efficiency of solar has taken a bit longer to come along. The Northwest certainly gets sun, but not as much as Arizona, say. Lakeview is situated you can’t get much further south and it’s certainly on the sunny side,” he said.

The project will fulfill nearly a quarter of the Pacific Power’s requirements for solar generation in Oregon. The company needs to develop 8.7 megawatts of solar power by 2020 to meet Oregon’s renewable energy requirements.

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