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Parents Warned After Cougar Reported In Lake Oswego

The Lake Oswego Police Department says it received several reports Monday from people who said they saw a cougar in the area of Lakeridge Junior High School. 

Cougar (file photo).

Cougar (file photo).

California Dept. Fish And Game

The department says the sightings occurred over the last several days. The Lake Oswego School District is making “robo-calls” to parents.

“Field activities at Lakeridge Junior High, Rivergrove and Westridge are being restricted and extra outdoor supervision being provided. Lake Oswego Police Department will provide extra presence around these schools this afternoon. This information is being provided in the event that parents of students at these schools, who walk home from school, want to make alternate transportation arrangements for their students.”

Police are working with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to determine if there is a cougar in that area and, if so, what action to take. 

Cougar (file photo).

Cougar (file photo).

California Dept. Of Fish And Game

If you see a cougar, you’re instructed to call 911.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife recommends standing your ground, or backing up slowly, while keeping eye contact with the animal. 

You should leave the cat an escape route, and pick up any children with you, but without bending down or turning your back.  Don’t run, because that can cause a cougar to chase you. 

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