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'Pathway Oregon' Offers Students Free Tuition To UO

The University of Oregon announced details Wednesday of a promise to make college free for some students. Rob Manning reports.

An estimated 400 new freshmen at U of O next year will get free tuition. Some will also get free room and board.

Basically, if you live in Oregon, if your income qualifies you for a federal Pell grant, and you can get into U of O, you probably qualify for what’s called the Pathway Oregon program.

U of O spokeswoman, Julie Brown says the school is paying for it through a number of sources.

Julie Brown: “Initially, Pathway Oregon will be supported primarily through existing campus resources including federal, state, and university financial aid programs. However, we will also be beginning a fundraising campaign.”

Pathway students would get the free tuition for all four years at U of O, if their income continued to qualify them for the Pell grant.

To be considered for next fall, students need to get their paperwork in by January 15th.

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