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Pearson Air Museum Open Again But With Less To Show

The Pearson Air Museum in Vancouver reopened Wednesday with fewer items on display – but with no entrance fee.  

The museum had to close its doors three weeks ago, after a conflict with the Fort Vancouver National Trust led trust officials to remove some items.

Curator Theresa Langford says the museum features two temporary exhibits. One is geared for kids. The other focuses on what the Pearson site looked like during World War One.

Langford says the museum still has two aircraft hanging from the ceiling, but it looks very different.

“Regardless of what happens with the items that were removed, we’ll be interpreting that history. I’m working a lot with museums in the area, and our sister parks, to bring either aircraft, or other aviation artifacts to Pearson.”

Langford says new visitors came to Pearson on the first day it opened, in part because admission is now free. She says it used to cost $7 to get in.

The National Park Service is now operating the Pearson museum.

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