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PGE Seeks New Options To Close Boardman Plant

Portland General Electric is looking for ways to close its coal-fired plant near Boardman — because of pollution issues.

As Kristian Foden-Vencil reports, the state axed one idea Thursday, but says it’s going to come up with some other options.

Under a plan approved by the state last year, PGE was supposed to close Boardman in 2040 - after installing $520 million in pollution controls. 

But in April, the company came up with a new idea — to close the plant 20 years earlier, but with only $40 million in pollution controls. The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission turned that idea down and now plans to come up with some new ideas.

PGE spokesman, Steve Corson, hopes both environmental and financial issues are taken into account. 

Steve Corson: “Anytime you add additional costs and additional options, that ultimately is going to be borne by our customers. And that’s a concern, any time, especially in an economy like we’ve got today.”

In a news release, the Environmental Quality Commission says it’s not closing the door on early shutdown — it’s just trying to find the best option.