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Pilot's Family Makes Peace With His Death

The family of fighter pilot, Major Greg Young, says it’s at peace knowing he didn’t have time to think before his plane crashed off the Oregon coast this summer. Kristian Foden-Vencil reports.

Young’s wife and four kids released a written statement saying life will never be whole again, but with the help of friends, family and God, it will be tolerable.

An Air Force investigation into the crash found Young became spatially disoriented.  Major Mike Brabish says that means he didn’t know exactly where he was in relation to the sky and ocean.

Mike Brabish: “This can be attributed to any number of factors, a lack of visual clues because the sky and the sea appears to be the same on such clear days. The body doesn’t always, at such high rates of turn and rates of speed adjust to the proper balance and what not, so there are a number of factors that could possibly have contributed to special disorientation.”

The 142nd Fighter Wing from Portland, was participating in an eight-plane, high-speed training mission when the accident happened.

One pilot told officials he watched as Young — conscious and looking up — made a controlled descent into the ocean.

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