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Pit Bulls Top List Of Jackson Co. Dog-Bite Cases

A report by the Jackson County Animal Services shows pit bulls top the list of dog-bite cases involving humans in 2013.

The Mail-Tribune says the city of Medford is currently exploring options to deal with dangerous dogs. A police advisory committee is holding a public hearing Feb. 19 on dangerous dogs and will recommend a course of action by April.

Countywide, there were 46 cases of pit bulls biting humans, or 17 percent of 266 reported cases. Labrador retrievers were the second highest with 31 cases, followed by Chihuahuas with 24 cases.

Maureen Swift is co-chair of the Police Advisory Committee. She says the committee hopes to come up with ordinances that are enforceable and effective.

Mayor Gary Wheeler recently said a breed-specific ban was off the table, but other councilors wanted the committee to discuss all options.

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