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Planned Parenthood Supporters In Portland For Annual Convention

Activists from around the country are in Portland for Planned Parenthood’s annual convention.

The organization has had an busy year. It lost, then re-gained funding from the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Planned Parenthood funding for health services under the Affordable Care Act survived a Senate vote. And conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh gave the organization an unintended boost.

His comments about law student Sandra Fluke raised awareness of birth control issues, according to Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards.

“It was Mr. Limbaugh’s comments that kept that story alive. We’ve seen an explosion on social media across the country at the kind of treatment Sandra Fluke has received, and this attitude toward birth control,” Richards said.

Fluke was invited as an honored guest at the awards dinner forming the centerpiece of the Planned Parenthood conference.

Oregon Right To Life Director Gayle Atteberry said the conference was kept very quiet. She wasn’t aware it was happening until receiving a call from OPB for comment.

Atteberry said her group has no quarrel with birth control, but said abortion services should not be synonymous with women’s health.