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Plans Moving Forward For New Multnomah County Courthouse

Multnomah County Courthouse today.

Multnomah County Courthouse today.

Multnomah County is moving forward with plans for a new county courthouse. Now that the state legislature has approved some preliminary funding for the project, the county can start thinking seriously about siting.

The Oregon legislature approved $15 million in the final days of the session. The county has set aside a bit more cash, but much fundraising remains toward the $200 million estimated price of the project.

The Multnomah County courthouse in 1922.

The Multnomah County courthouse in 1922.

Commissioner Deb Kafoury says the county’s private contractor, Partnerships BC, is now moving forward on the business analysis that will determine the shape of the new courthouse, and inform decisions on what to do with the old building.

Kafoury said, “We’re hoping the next two years are going to be spent working on site selection, purchase, designs for the courthouse.”

Kafoury says Multnomah County will work closely with the state’s administrative agency and court system.

Inside the Multnomah County Courthouse.

Inside the Multnomah County Courthouse.

Rebecca Roberts Galloway/OPB

That’s because the vast majority of workers in the courthouse are employed by the state.

Kafoury says the county hopes the site for the new building can be downtown, preferably close to the old courthouse. She notes land acquisition will probably be the hardest part of the process.

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