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Plans For West Hayden Island Development Still Controversial

The latest development plan for an island in the Columbia River north of Portland is drawing fire from environmentalists.

Potential development on Hayden Island’s west side has been debated for years. A current proposal would allow the Port of Portland to develop 300 acres and set aside 500 acres of natural area.

Portland Audubon conservation director, Bob Sallinger sat on the proposal’s advisory committee for a year and a half. But he just quit, alleging the plan is flawed and was drafted behind closed doors.

“The city and port ambushed the community with a zoning code and inter-governmental agreement that fails to address a single one of the concerns raised in this process.”

Sallinger says the plan doesn’t address health concerns or adequately protect the natural area.

City planner Joe Zender says the draft meets environmental and development goals.

“We got farther in this process with West Hayden Island in trying to do that in a transparent way than we ever have before.”

The first public open house is Wednesday, June 20.  

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