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Police Car Rolls Over Man Stopped For Jaywalking

Jimmy Miles Duffey

Jimmy Miles Duffey

Portland Police Bureau

A police car accidentally rolled over a man stopped for jaywalking in downtown Portland Monday night, according to Portland Police.

A police press release said that Jimmy Miles Duffey, 31, ran from officers when they tried to stop him for jaywalking near Southwest 12th Avenue at Columbia Street. They pursued Duffey and eventually caught him at Southwest Park Avenue at Main Street.

While taking Duffey into custody, officers had him lie on the ground, police said. When more police arrived on the scene, an officer got out of a police car but left it in gear. The vehicle ran over Duffey where they lay on the ground, police said.

A third officer then jumped into the moving car and stopped it, and medical personnel were called to the scene.

Duffey was transported to a Portland hospital with injuries the police referred to as “non-life-threatening.”

After he was treated and released from the hospital, Duffey was booked into the Multnomah County Jail on an existing warrant and charges of disorderly conduct and interfering with a police officer.

The Portland Police Bureau’s Traffic Division said it conducted an investigation into the incident, which it will forward to the bureau’s Collision Review Board.

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