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Police Clear Homeless From Sidewalk Near Portland City Hall

Police moved campers and protesters off the sidewalk surrounding Portland City Hall Tuesday. But the people who’ve been removed can return every evening. 

Workers clean the sidewalk outside city hall after protesters were removed.

Workers clean the sidewalk outside city hall after protesters were removed.

Christina Kempster/OPB

City workers used power washers to clean the sidewalk after dozens of people were moved away from City Hall.

Many left the area completely, others walked across the street to the federally controlled Terry Schrunk Plaza.

Portland mayor’s spokesman Dana Haynes said the city’s sidewalk ordinance stops people sleeping or living on the sidewalk during the daytime.

“So you can come, you can protest,” Haynes said. “At night you can lay down, if you need, if you’re homeless and if you have no other option, or if it’s a statement. But the next morning you have to be a pedestrian again. And yes, we think it will allow the First Amendment communications, but also get rid of the harassment that was going on out there.”

A number of campers and protesters said moving people during the day doesn’t do anything to address the problem of homelessness.

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