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Police Make Rare Raid On Aloha Pot Dispensary

Police have served four search warrants at the “Wake-‘n-Bake Cannabis Lounge” in Aloha. It’s among the first raids of cannabis dispensaries in the state.

Investigators from the Westside Interagency Narcotics Team raided the store.

It charges a fee for people to become members and then distributes marijuana to them for medical uses.

Pot dispensaries are legal in Oregon, but the rules are strict.

Sgt. David Thompson of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office says their investigation showed customers were being asked for their Oregon Medical Marijuana Cards, but the store was essentially profiting by sales of the drug — and that’s illegal.

“You can get people to grow it for you. They can recoup costs, but they only recoup costs that are directly associated with it and that means utilities and supplies. But no labor. The prices when you look at what it costs to grow were not as high as people were being charged,” Thompson said.

Earlier this month, the U. S. Attorney’s Office for Oregon and a majority of Oregon’s District Attorneys, issued a statement saying the sale of marijuana is a violation of state and federal law. Calls to lounge owner, Kat Cambron, for comment on the raid were not immediately returned.

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