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Political Chat: Can Dr. Kitzhaber Cure Gov. Kitzhaber's Health Insurance Maladies?

It’s been three months since Oregon was supposed to have a fully functioning health exchange website.  This week,  Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber acknowledged Cover Oregon has been frustratingly glitchy.  But he says things are getting better.

“For 170, 000 Oregonians, the vast majority of whom did not have health insurance coverage nine days ago, this is a great day. And the story is going to continue to get better in the weeks and months ahead,” according to Kitzhaber.

But will it, or will things get worse - politically - for the Governor?

Kitzhaber also proposed some changes to how forests are managed in the state.  Does that mean more logging?  And if it does, will he run afoul of Northwest environmentalists.

Our political guys are watching the political fortunes of Governor Kitzhaber’s moves this week as he eyes a fourth term.

Bill Lunch is OPB’s political analyst, and he joins us from OSU Media Services in Corvallis.  Jeff Mapes is the senior political reporter for The Oregonian, and he’s on the line.

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