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Political Chat: Gun Debate, Nike Taxes On Minds Of Oregonians

If lawmakers were hoping for the end of the year to be peaceful and easy, fat chance.

On Capitol Hill, the impasse over tax increases and spending cuts could spill over into the new year.

In Salem, lawmakers will be in special session Friday for Nike in return for potentially thousands of jobs. The Governor called for the session to prevent the Beaverton company from expanding in another state.

Kitzhaber said, “For a state like Oregon that has serious budget constraints, this is a powerful new economic development tool that does not require the expenditure of new revenue in order to implement it.”

The week in politics also saw transitions for two powerful Oregonians. Sen. Jeff Merkley will be appointed to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Jane Lubchenco, the Administrator of NOAA, and formerly with Oregon State, announced she’s stepping down.

And gun law is thrust into the headlines after the deadly shooting at the Clackamas Town Center.

Our political guys, Bill and Jeff, have joined us again. Bill Lunch is OPB’s Political Analyst. Jeff Mapes is the senior political reporter for The Oregonian. They joined Geoff Friday.

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