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Political Chat: Indictment, Gov's Proposed Budget News To 'Chew On'

The elections are mercifully over. The political ads, for the most part have been replaced with ads for products. The election winners, however, have to confront hard choices as they try to govern.

But in a bit of remaining election news, analysis of returns in Oregon shows that Democratic candidates for the state House attracted only about 27,000 votes more than Republican candidates out of more than a 1.5 million cast in total.

Gov. John Kitzhaber has released his initial budget proposal for 2013-15. And in a coda to the election, the Attorney General Thursday issued an indictment in a case alleging vote fraud in Clackamas County.

To chew on these and related topics, our political guys, Bill and Jeff have joined us again. Bill Lunch is OPB’s Political Analyst. Jeff Mapes is the senior political reporter for The Oregonian. He joined Tim Friday.

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