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Political Chat: Reviewing Top Stories Of 2012

Recent adherents of Mayan astronomy notwithstanding, we are still here, looking forward to the coming year. But 2012 is worth a look back on several fronts.

Bill Lunch, Geoff Norcross, Jeff Mapes.

Bill Lunch, Geoff Norcross, Jeff Mapes.

Michael Clapp/OPB

So here at year’s end, we thought we would give our political guys a break from the weekly news cycle to look back at 2012: what was important, what was historic, and what might shape events in the year, perhaps the decade to come.

Geoff Norcross spoke with OPB Political Analyst Bill Lunch and Jeff Mapes, the senior political reporter for The Oregonian. Click “play” above to listen to the conversation.

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