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Political Chat: Summer Recess, PERS Changes And GOP Leadership

This is a little unusual.

Congress begins its August recess Friday, and there’s no tug-of-war over must-pass legislation: no debt ceiling, no government shutdown.  For a change, we can talk about what actually got done this week.

One item of interest to Oregonians is legislation that would boost logging on federal forests in some Oregon counties that could really use the revenue.

Meanwhile, it’s looking more and more like Oregon’s lawmakers will have to go back to work to get the state pension system worked out.

And the head of the Oregon Republican Party might be out of job soon, if some in her party get their way.

Friday mornings, we talk politics with our political guys.  Jeff Mapes is the Senior Political Reporter for the Oregonian. Bill Lunch is away, so welcome to Jim Moore, who teaches Political Science at Pacific University.

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