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Politicians Start To Line Up For 2014

Officials up for re-election are slowly announcing their intentions to run again.

Metro Council president Tom Hughes has started circulating fundraising messages in pursuit of a second term as the regional government’s top leader.

Portland city commissioner Dan Saltzman says he’s going to seek a fifth term. Saltzman says he felt his announcement last time around was somewhat late. He says his announcement comes out of respect for people’s expectations.

“I mean, there’s a time when you lead and you govern, and there’s a time when you ask voters - when your term is about to expire, to support you again. And that’s what I’m doing, and as I said, I feel I’m striking the right balance here. And going with history - tradition,” Saltzman said.

Among the most high-profile politicians who haven’t announced their intentions is Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber.

And Multnomah County commission chair, Jeff Cogen, who is under investigation by the state Attorney General, hasn’t indicated if he’ll run again.

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