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Polk County Sheriff Cutting Back On Safety Patrols

The sheriff in Polk County, west of Salem, is planning to cut back his safety patrols to a single 10 hour shift every day.

The cuts will take effect Saturday.

Statesman Journal

Sheriff Bob Wolfe says that during off duty hours, deputies will only respond to 9-1-1 calls involving violent crimes like armed robbery and domestic violence.

Wolfe says he’s heard people in the community suggest they can defend their own property. But he is concerned about that.

“People who think they can just use a gun against someone to protect their property might find themselves on the other side of the law and end up in the Polk County Jail because they used excessive force,” Wolfe says.

Wolfe says four of his deputies left in the past two months, due to budget cuts that put their jobs in jeopardy.

Wolf says he may get additional funding in July. That’s because Columbia County may be forced to close its jail. And may start renting jail beds from Polk County.













Another Oregon sheriff has announced his deputies can no longer respond to calls 24 hours a day.  Cuts to public safety went into effect this weekend/ (over the weekend) in Polk county, west of Salem. Amelia Templeton reports.


fourth deputy to leave in the last two months” stated Sheriff Bob Wolfe.



A lot of talk in the community is, I’ll just get a gun and protect my own property, citizens need to understand that just like


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