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Port Of Astoria Closes Fish Cleaning Stations

The Port of Astoria is closing fish cleaning stations due to environmental concerns.

The Port of Astoria is closing fish cleaning stations due to environmental concerns.

The Daily Astorian

No more fish cleaning at the Port of Astoria.

The Port is shutting down cleaning stations at the West and East mooring basins starting today because of environmental concerns. The stations will stay closed until the agency can ensure no fish guts or other remains are being tossed into the Columbia River.

The closure comes three days after the start of the popular Buoy 10 salmon fishing season. “It’s the worst time of year to do it, but I cannot let another moment go by if we’re doing” something wrong, Jim Knight, the Port’s executive director, said.

The Port Commission on Tuesday voted to have staff work out an operating agreement with a local man who cuts fish at the West End Mooring Basin for a fee. Knight said the discussion got him thinking about how the Port has long allowed fish remains to be dumped into the river. The practice is an issue up and down the coast and river, he said, and one the state Department of Environmental Quality is taking a closer look at.

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