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Port of Vancouver Approves $17M Land Purchase

The Port of Vancouver voted unanimously  Tuesday to spend $17 million to purchase 95 acres of land. 

Port of Vancouver

Port of Vancouver

Port of Vancouver

The plot is made up of four parcels of land that are currently sandwiched between properties the port already owns.

Theresa Wagner is spokeswoman for the Port of Vancouver. She says the purchase is strategic.

“Having all of the parcels connected and being able to efficiently move cargo and locate businesses is something that makes a port very successful,” she said.

Wagner says the purchase will allow the port to expand industrial and marine facilities and create a vital transportation link between its properties. This may include extending the port’s rails and roads and developing a new marine terminal.

An environmental study of the land is due to be finished by mid-February.

The deal is expected to close at the end of February.


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