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Portland Aims To Reduce Carbon Footprint With 'Kilowatt Crackdown'

The city of Portland is aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of commercial buildings with an energy-saving competition called the Kilowatt Crackdown.

New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston. Those are a few of the cities that now require commercial building owners to report their energy use.

Kilowatt Crackdown illustration

Kilowatt Crackdown illustration

Big buildings are also big energy hogs, and cities want to shrink their carbon footprint.

Alisa Kane is the city of Portland’s green building manager. She says Portland is taking a different approach with a voluntary competition. The Kilowatt Crackdown will help building owners assess their energy efficiency, improve it, and compare it with other buildings.

Kane explained, “If we can do this with a carrot as opposed to a stick I think we’ll have just as good a result as we’re going to see in the cities that are mandating it.”

The city has partnered with the Building Owners and Managers Association of Oregon, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, the Energy Trust of Oregon, Portland Development Commission and Clark Public Utilities.

Together, they’re targeting energy savings of $2 million a year in 150 buildings.

You can find more on this and other environmental stories in Cassandra’s Ecotrope blog.

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