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Portland As Its Own LEGO Land

A rising post on reddit features a photo of familiar Portland skyline, but something looks … different.

Zooming in, I found the miniature buildings were actually a scale model built entirely of LEGOs:

Downtown Portland 1-1,000 scale model by Brian D'Agostine

Downtown Portland 1-1,000 scale model by Brian D’Agostine

Brian D’Agostine says he decided to build downtown Portland out of the tiny plastic bricks six years ago, but only got serious about it in the past three years.

The two quads in the picture were displayed at the Bricks Cascade 2013 Convention, where D’Agostine walked away with Best Microscale. At this year’s convention, D’Agostine says he submitted the model, which has doubled in size, but another contender took the prize.

Still, he isn’t discouraged and will continue to build downtown from the Willamette River to Interstate 405 south of West Burnside:

“There’s a lot of pre-planning for each building including some Google tools to try to capture as much of the essence of the buildings as possible,” D’Agostine says. “I’m a purist so do not use any modified or non-canon pieces, or even stickers for that matter.”

D’Agostine says with his day jobs as a home designer and website manager, he suspects he won’t be done until 2032. However, the meticulous planning and building is all for fun and a hobby he says he shares with his three children.

Portland LEGO

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