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Portland Attorney Has Eye On Nevada Elections

A Portland attorney is spending election day out of state, volunteering as an election observer in Nevada. 

Close races in several states have put voting procedures under the microscope. 

Janet Hoffman’s trip to Las Vegas  is a return visit. Four years ago, she visited Clark County, Nevada to do the same job. She knows to expect a long day, from 5 a.m. til the polls close down. And Hoffman holds hopes the day will be uneventful. 

Hoffman said, “It’s a very limited role, actually. You sit there and simply observe. As lawyers we know what the law is: what’s proper by way of identification requests, what kind of questions can be asked.”

If irregularities come up, she has a number to call to alert the Nevada secretary of State’s office. 

When she did this job in 2008, Nevada was in the grip of a wave of foreclosures that had displaced thousands of homeowners. Some of them showed up in the wrong place on election day. Hoffman watched to ensure polling workers directed them to the correct precinct. 

Hoffman is paid her own way to Nevada, but participated in a training organized by a group affiliated with the Democratic party. 

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