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Portland-Based Bike Sharing Company Ready To Launch In Chicago, NY

A Portland-based bike share business says it’s prepared to fulfill all contracts — including one to create bike-sharing in Portland.

Alta Bike Share founder Mia Birk has no comment on the departure of the company’s New York City director, Allison Cohen, early this month. She left just weeks before the launch of the massive system Alta designed for New York. Citi Bike is fully funded, but it’s also 5,000 thousand bikes shy of its projected fleet size, thanks to water damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Birk says those bikes will delivered, just later than expected because of the storm.

Alta’s Canadian supplier is dealing with other problems. The company’s international arm, which supplies Alta, is up for sale.

Birk says in terms of day-to-day orders, the supply chain is solid.

“We’re really confident the bikes and equipment are being delivered, and we’re going to be launching in these cities in the coming weeks,” Birk said.

Alta systems will launch in New York in May, and Chicago in June. Birk says Alta is still seeking sponsors to launch Portland’s bike share PROGRAM.