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Portland Charities Prepare To Serve Thanksgiving Dinner

Charities around Portland are gearing up to serve Thanksgiving dinner.

The Portland Rescue Mission, Union Gospel Mission and Genesis Community Fellowship are just a few of the places offering a Thanksgiving meal.

Bill Miller, the director of development ministry at Portland Rescue Mission, said the group’s tradition has always been to celebrate Thanksgiving on the eve of the holiday.

“So that evening we will open up extra space for dining,” Miller said. “We’ll ask the guests to come in and sit down and be served, like you might be served in a restaurant rather than walking through a cafeteria line. We’ll have special music and the dining room will be decorated with Thanksgiving type décor, and it’s just a very special time. We will probably serve 400-500 people for dinner that evening.”

Miller said the dining capacity will be doubled in order to serve everyone who comes for the meal. He said the mission isn’t government-funded, so donations keep the programs running.

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