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Portland Community Groups To Discuss Transportation Safety

Portland is among Oregon cities trying to bolster bike and pedestrian safety. Last month, state figures showed the number of pedestrians killed on Oregon roads in 2010 went up almost sixty percent from the year before.

Tuesday night, Portland will hold a Transportation Safety Summit with community groups and activists.

Stephanie Routh is with the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition. She’s been looking at recent crash data.

Stephanie Routh “Two things that keep coming up is the relevance of vehicular volumes and speed.”

Vehicular volume refers to the number of cars travelling on a specific road. Routh says the number of cars per lane is important, as is the number of lanes.

Routh predicts that Portland will continue to invest in sidewalks in areas that don’t have them. She says a recent Coalition survey also identified safe street crossings as a pedestrian priority.

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