The Portland City Council voted Wednesday to re-start the sale process for a piece of industrial land known as Terminal 1.

Last month the city’s housing commissioner announced he was giving up on a plan to use Terminal 1 for a homeless shelter.

The council voted unanimously to sell the property, a 14-acre industrial lot at the edge of Portland’s Pearl District.  

It belongs to the Bureau of Environmental Services, which will now accept offers on the property until Nov. 18.

Commissioner Nick Fish, who manages the Bureau of Environmental Services, said he is looking for an industrial buyer who will use the property to create jobs.

“This is prime industrial land and is key to our long-term job strategy,” he said.

The council had previously voted to lease Terminal 1 to developer Homer Williams for a proposed homeless shelter, against Fish’s wishes.

Fish called it an honest disagreement, and he and several other members of the council thanked Williams for his effort to help the city’s homeless before casting their votes to sell the property.

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