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Portland Council Votes To Accept Police Terrorism Taskforce Report

Portland City Council has voted to accept a police report on collaborating with the FBI for counterterrorism cases.

The report details how police bureau staff interacted with FBI agents on the Joint Terrorism Task Force last year.  Police won’t detail the number or nature of the investigations.

Amanda Fritz

Amanda Fritz

Michael Clapp/OPB

City Commissioner Amanda Fritz queried a city attorney, Dave Worboril, who has seen all that information.

“So if you can have that information without having security clearance,” Fritz asked, “why can’t I?”

“The question is how the city needs to do its business best,” Worboril replied. “These are just like run-of-the-mill criminal investigations, confidential for very good reasons.”

Police Chief Mike Reese added the FBI would be reluctant to work with Portland Police in this way, if more people were privy to investigation details.

But the ACLU and other groups told council the report had too much withheld to be of use.

Commissioner Steve Novick, who is new on Council joined Fritz in voting to reject the report. He said he had reservations about a report that provided inadequate information each year.

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