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Portland Filmmaker In Contact With Software Pioneer John McAfee

A filmmaker from Portland is helping to convey communications from the anti-virus software pioneer, John McAfee.

Chad Essley is writing a graphic novel about McAfee founder, John McAfee.

Chad Essley is writing a graphic novel about McAfee founder, John McAfee.

Photo courtesy Chad Essley

McAfee has been avoiding authorities in Belize. They want to question him in connection with the killing of his neighbor.

McAfee was detained in Guatemala Wednesday, and most recently is reported to have been hospitalized.

Portland animation director, Chad Essley, says he’s in contact with McAfee and has been posting information on McAfee’s blog. Essley says the two of them share a sense of humor.

“He has an intensity about him that I’ve never experienced before and very high intelligence,” says Essley. “When he speaks on anything he really speaks with authority and when he laughs at something, he laughs with everything he’s got.”

Essley says he visited McAfee in Belize last summer, but left early because of what he called the dangers associated with McAfee’s life.

Essley is writing a graphic novel about McAfee.

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