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Portland To Host 'Leverage' For Another Season

The cable TV channel TNT has confirmed that the show Leverage will be returning to  Portland for its fourth season. Kristian Foden-Vencil reports.

Leverage filmed its first season in Los Angeles. It moved to Portland in 2008 for the second season — employing almost 400 people for a total of 150,000 hours.

Figures aren’t yet in for last year. But Vince Porter with the Oregon Office of Film and Television, says they’ll be bigger — and he’s pleased the show’s returning.

Vince Porter: “They’ve been great partners. And it’s not just about Leverage, it’s about all the other projects that the company that produces the show, which is Dean Devlin’s company called Electric Entertainment. They come to us constantly and say we want to do so much more in Oregon because we love it here.”

Porter says he hopes to be able to make an announcement soon.

Leverage star, Timothy Hutton, announced the show’s return on his Twitter account saying everyone was thrilled.

The state gives Leverage a 20 percent rebate on all the goods and services it buys, and a 16 percent rebate on labor costs.