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Portland Hosts Major Match, Looks To Future Of Soccer

This Wednesday evening Portland turned into soccer town.  As Andrew Theen reports, the U.S. Women's national team played an exhibition at PGE Park, and representatives from Major League Soccer are in town.

Executives from the nation's top professional soccer league are eyeing Portland as a possible site for an expansion team.

Dan Courtemanche is a senior vice-president for the MLS.

Dan Courtemanche: "They do not go out and visit that many markets in person where they tour stadiums and meet with potential ownership groups.  So this is something that is a bit unique."

Courtemanche said the attendance at the United Soccer League's Portland Timbers games is evidence of Portland's soccer fever.

League officials are meeting with Timbers and Portland Beavers owner Merritt Paulson.  MLS officials say Paulson presents "an exciting ownership possibility."

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