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Portland Midwives, Patients To Sue Licensing Agency, OHSU

A group of Portland midwives and their patients plan to sue the state’s health licensing authority, and one of its largest hospitals.  As Rob Manning reports, the conflict is over certain types of births.

An attorney for the midwives says the Oregon Health License Agency and Oregon Health and Science University forged a civil rights’ conspiracy.

Eugene attorney Roy Haber says the two medical powerhouses have filed charges and subpoenaed records all in an effort to bully midwives.

He says OHLA and OHSU want midwives to send women to hospitals if they’re delivering twins or breech babies, or if the mother has had a previous baby by caesarian. Haber says mothers are suing, too.

Roy Haber: “They are very concerned about having to release their medical records for bogus investigations.”

OHSU released a written statement saying its hospital supports a woman’s right to choose the best way to have a child. But the statement says OHSU hadn’t seen the suit.

Haber says it’ll be filed next week.

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