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Portland Officials Hope Arts Taxes Are Paid Online

Voters approved the $35 tax last November.

The $12 million it’s expected to generate each year will fund music and arts in the city’s schools and neighborhoods.

Portland Revenue Director Thomas Lannom says the city is asking people to pay online to save postage and processing,

“We’re banking on the fact that most Portlanders are smart, environmentally conscious and web savvy and will go ahead and pay online. Ultimately that’ll be more money for arts and arts education.”

Lannom says as this is the first time the tax has been levied, it’s difficult to predict whether Portlanders will embrace the idea of paying online.

Arts tax flier.

Arts tax flier.

Rebecca Galloway/OPB

After this weekend, filings amounted to about $81,000. Each adult in a household must pay the tax.

Households that haven’t paid by March 25 will receive a form and envelope in the mail.

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