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Portland Officials Release Climate Action Plan

Portland officials rolled out a climate action plan Monday night geared toward reducing the carbon emissions from Oregon’s largest metropolitan area. Rob Manning reports.

The Portland-Multnomah County plan for climate change is meant to meet aggressive greenhouse gas reduction targets.

It aims to reduce obvious sources, like vehicle tailpipe emissions, by suggesting fees or tolls. It also covers less blatant carbon sources, like consumer products.

The plan aims to cut per capita solid waste in half by 2030 – by emphasizing recycling and the use of products with less packaging.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams introduced it at the Monday night meeting.

Sam Adams: “This plan is probably the most researched, the most scientifically-based, and the most comprehensive of any we’ve seen – and we’ve looked at plans that are available around the globe.”

The 58-page plan covers eight large areas from “transportation” to “urban forestry.”

The city is holding a handful of neighborhood meetings this weekend and next week on the draft plan.