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Neighbors Object To SW Portland Land Deal But Sale Will Go Through

Some Portlanders are objecting to the sale of a city-owned property in a Southwest neighborhood.

The Freeman Water Tower is on a 3/4 acre property near a natural area. It’s one of eight properties declared surplus a few years ago, but the only one the Water Bureau has sold.

Neighbor Chris Lyons says the $140,000 price was too low, and the city didn’t tell neighbors it was for sale.

“They should put a stop to the sale, and go back to the drawing board and figure out - hopefully - a way to keep it in public hands,” says Lyons.

Commissioner Nick Fish says the Water Bureau followed the rules - but says they should be improved.

“I see no reason not to give specific notice to an affected neighborhood association,” Fish says, “and also to put up a sign at the property, in the event there’s someone in the community that wants to make an offer.”

Fish says the city has to sell the Freeman tower site, because the developer - Renaissance Homes - would sue them, otherwise.