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Portland Police Chief Considers Run For Mayor

Portland’s police chief, Mike Reese, says he’s exploring the possibility of running for mayor. He expects to make an announcement within a couple of weeks.

Reese has headed the Portland Police Bureau for the last 18 months.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams and Police Chief discuss recent police shootings with members of the media.

Kristian Foden-Vencil / OPB

Speaking to KGW-TV Wednesday he said he was approached by several people.

“I’ve told the folks that have asked me, that I’ll give it serious consideration.” Reese said. “I think the next four years are critically important to the health of this city. And we need strong effective leadership to move us forward in a positive direction.”

Mayor Sam Adams appointed Reese to be police chief after dismissing the former chief, Rosie Sizer.

Reese’s style of leadership has been low-profile. But his term has been marked by a number of controversial things including: police shootings; increasing gang activity; and his handling of the Occupy Portland protest.

Political analyst, Jim Moore, says it’s not too late for a strong candidate to enter the race.

“None of the three major candidates really seems to have sewn up a huge surge in public opinion, or really all the money that available out there for people who want to contribute to the mayoral campaign.”

Those three candidates are: New Seasons co-founder Eileen Brady, former city commissioner Charlie Hales, and State Representative Jefferson Smith.

Moore believes some people may think of former mayor, Tom Potter, when they consider Reese as a candidate. Potter was also a former police chief.

But Moore says Reese would have to make his own case.

“He’s got to figure out, will he be able to get campaign contributions so that he can move ideas to a credible conversation with the voters. And does he have a conversation that’s going to resonate with the voters. We really don’t know how Reese stands on any of the big major issues facing the city.”

Reese is a Portland native. He joined to the Portland Police Bureau in 1989.

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